Carnarvon Heritage Group Inc.

Governance Documents & Plans

The Carnarvon Heritage Precinct is administered by Carnarvon Heritage Group Inc. a Not-for-Profit Community Group that is an incorporated association. 

The management committee for this Group consists of 10-12 members.

Historical Documents

The Group also elects trustees of the historical items in their possession. These are Karl Brandenburg (Carnarvon Shire President), Bill Smith, Yoka Halford and Tom Day.

Several documents and plans have been put in place over the years and copies of these are available from the Precinct upon request:



Tom Day

Vice Chair

Steve Chapple


Sue Graham


Debbie Merritt


Rail Manager

Steve Chapple

Debbie Burgess

Paul Richards

Marilyn Rulyancich

Julee Nelson
(Shire representative)

Chris Armstrong

Yoka Halford

Yvonne Fahl

Historical Documents

The Carnarvon Tramway Conservation Plan

August 1995

Lighthouse Keepers Cottage Museum Conservation Plan

October 1997

Carnarvon Heritage Precinct Trail Plan

June 1999

5 Year Environmental Management Plan

January 2001

Kormoran Lifeboat Conservation Plan

June 2003

Heritage Precinct Interpretation Plan

November 2009

Kimberley Treatment and Conservation Plan

January 2011

One Mile Jetty Conservation Plan

February 1996

Carnarvon Heritage Precinct Masterplan

June 1998

Gascoyne River Tramway Tour Options Paper

December 2000

Little Dirk Survey and Assessment Plan

July 2001

Carnarvon Heritage Precinct Structure Plan

April 2004

CHP Business and Development Plan
February 2010

Camel Wagons Conservation Plan

July 2011

One Mile Jetty Reports

One Mile Jetty Condition Survey

June 1998

One Mile Jetty Progress Report

April 2004

One Mile Jetty Progress Report 1

May 2009

One Mile Jetty Progress Report 3

November 2009

One Mile Jetty Strategic Asset Management Plan

March 2010

One Mile Jetty Structural Condition Report

November 2002

One Mile Jetty Conservation Works Report

November 2005

One Mile Jetty Progress Report 2

July 2009

One Mile Jetty Final Restoration Report

July 2010