Precinct Exhibits

Local Heritage Precinct

Explore our towns local history at the Heritage Precinct located at the site of the 1890’s Port of Carnarvon. The facility is home to the One Mile Jetty, Shearing Hall of Fame, Railway Station Museum and Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage Museum.

Carnarvon is located on the coast of Western Australia about 370 kilometres south of Exmouth.

Enjoy a coffee at the Jetty Cafe where you can pay for the walk or Coffee Pot Train ride along the jetty - the money goes towards the upkeep of this old wooden structure and the historical precinct.

Camel Wagons

On display in the Precinct grounds are two camel wagons which were the primary method of transport in the Gascoyne at the beginning of the 1900’s.

Afghan teamsters contributed greatly to the development of the inland and carried dates wherever they transported good, which explains the trail of date palms scattered throughout the hinterland. 

Because the camel, horse, donkey and bullock teams required such a large turning circle the main streets of Carnarvon and other nor-west towns were made extra wide to accommodate this.

Water Tower Lookout

The water tank was filled with water by gravity from the town. A wooden float in the tank would shut the valve when the tank was full and it was stored ready to be delivered through a pipe on the jetty to the waiting steam ships. There were also valves along the jetty so the water from the tower could be accessed in case of fire. The water was also used for watering livestock held in the yards for export on the ships. Today the tower can be climbed and provides 360 degree views.

The Scale Adjuster’s Van

The Van was used for accommodation and a workshop for scale adjuster’s on Westrail lines throughout the state. Scale adjuster’s would travel the rail system providing maintenance services. The van originally comprised a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and workshop area. This van has now been renovated and is used as an information carriage for visitors.

The Kimberley Tender

Kimberley Tender, Dropside Railcar and Stock Box Car. These have been rebuilt on original bogies by Precinct volunteers using recycled jarrah from the One Mile Jetty. Wagons like these were common on the Jetty. Also incorporated in the display is an original horse crate, used to winch horses on and off the ships. We have also been informed by a local that it was even used to load the occasional pregnant woman for transportation to Fremantle.

The Little Dirk

Situated just inside the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage grounds is a rare example of a ‘cartwheel’ stern. This vessel as well as the Kormoran Lifeboat are listed on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels. The Little Dirk was a Shark Bay Pearler or Cutter and had many names and uses in its life.

The Little Dirk on the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage grounds.