Historic Steam Railway circa 1921

These photos are kindly provided by Sue Graham of the Carnarvon Heritage Group Inc.

Historic Steam Locomotive 

The Kimberley Steam loco was built in Scotland in 1921 and operated in Broome until it came to Carnarvon in the early 1950's. It took over from the Gascoyne until 1958 when it was replaced by diesel powered locos. The Gascoyne was scrapped, but when the Kimberley retired from service it found a home in the grounds of the local kindergarten where it remained until rail enthusiasts restored it. It is believed that the Kimberley is the only remaining loco of this type in the world..

Kimberley in steam at Carnarvon on 17 Nov. 2009. 

Photo Courtesy Sue Graham

The scene in Kimberley's cab on 17 November 2009..

Photo Courtesy Sue Graham